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Burn MD

Burn MD is a valuable resource for both consumers and professionals. This site contains a wealth of information that will prepare you to treat a burn emergency, and also to avoid one.

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When a burn occurs, seconds count. Water-Jel products are effective, versatile and approved for emergency first aid burn treatment in a pre-hospital setting.

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Read what burn care professionals, burn victims and consumers from around the world are saying about WATER-JEL.

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Water-Jel is the number one first aid burn treatment used by industrial safety, EMS and the U.S. Military. The professionals are always prepared and understand that in emergency burn care, seconds count !   We offer the most complete line of emergency burn care products on the market, so that consumers can take advantage of the same emergency burn care technology that the professionals use. Now you can purchase Water-Jel products online, for optimum convenience and speedy delivery. Our online store features the most popular mix from our professional and consumer product lines.

Burn Dressings

Water-Jel sterile gel-soaked burn dressings for immediate use on burns

Water-Jel Burn Dressings provide fast, one-step relief for emergency first aid when someone has been burned.

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Fire Blankets & Wraps

Water-Jel fire blankets and wraps in pouches and canisters

A one-step system for emergency first aid on a burn victim. Puts out the fire, stops burn progression and cools the skin, relieves pain and protects the burn area. Different sizes available.

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Radiaderm Radiation Relief

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Water-Jel's Advanced Skin Defense is a simple 2-Step Treatment used during and after radiation therapy. R1 Cooling Gel cools, relieves pain and hydrates the skin; R2 Soothing Lotion hydrates and smoothes the skin. Products are sold separately or as a combination pack.

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