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WATER-JEL Product Monograph

This 16-page summary contains key findings from studies of Water-Jel, as well as information from published articles about the products.

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Consumer Products

Burn-Jel Plus for Emergency Burn Care

Every 25 seconds, someone is burned or scalded in their home. Are you prepared?

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Professional Products

Water-Jel fire blankets and wraps in pouches and canisters

Be prepared for burn injuries—large and small.

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WATER-JEL Technologies prides itself on being not only the world leader in emergency burn care and first aid products, but also a leading source of information on burns, emergency burn treatment and household burn safety. Our Burn MD is a valuable resource for both consumers and professionals. It contains a wealth of information that will prepare you to treat a burn emergency, and also to avoid one.


The most important classification of burn wounds is the extent and depth of the injury. In most cases, the extent and depth of the burn wound are the most significant factors contributing to the seriousness of injury of the burn victim. Learn more


When a burn occurs, seconds count! Burn injuries should be cooled immediately, otherwise the heat will continue to destroy the surrounding and underlying tissue. Here are the four critical steps you should take to treat a burn. Learn more


Have a question about burns or emergency first aid burn treatment? Chances are Burn MD has answered it. Learn more


Understanding how burns happen, taking proper steps to prevent them, and being prepared to administer appropriate first aid will help protect you and your family against burns. Learn more